About Us

Michael Beyrodt, Inventor and College Student

Necessity was the father of invention.

It started when Inventor, Mike Beyrodt did what he loved to do. He went camping.

He and his friends, Ryan and Zach were in Snowshoe, West Virginia where it was a rather frigid -22 degrees outside. And there, in the snow, they were having a terrible time lighting a fire. Mike and his buddies joked that, where starting a campfire was concerned, there should be ‘an app for that’. In this day and age, they should be able to ‘push a button’ and poof, there’s fire!

When the trip was done - and all were home, Mike endeavored to actually invent something that would do precisely that. Something that would easily start a fire with frozen or wet wood, in any weather. Something that made starting a fire as fast as it was easy.

And so it was, that Michael introduced his invention to the world - with one modification. Rather than push, you simply have to pull.